English Courses

Hudson Institute – Language School

We offer various options to meet every need.
English for all ages!
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    Academic Support

    We prepare students from schools, whether bilingual or not, with material specifically designed for each. We offer daily classes, both group and individual, with flexible schedules where we review the school curriculum.

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    Intensive Courses

    From the first few months, the student will be able to handle basic situations in daily life and will continue to gain more vocabulary and tools to communicate in more complex situations.

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    Conversation Courses

    Student work on improving fluency in speech and pronunciation, while also facing everyday life situations by socially interacting within a more informal environment.

  • 4

    Online Classes

    We deliver classes to students through a Premium application (under no cost for st.). These classes are personalized, based on individual preferences and interests, and cover all 4 skills: writing, oral, speaking and writing.

  • 5

    Phonetic and Transcription Classes

    Classes specially designed for students form the English Teaching Training school, taught by highly qualified instructors.

  • 6

    Spanish for foreigners

    We offer different Spanish courses to suit your needs. you can choose the most convenient course, depending on your goals, time and schedule.
    We teach Spanish lessons online and live. With an approach that gives privilege to communication, all linguistic competences are develop: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

  • Warm and friendly environment:
    Where the language you are learning is always spoken
  • Reduced Groups:
    Divided by age and level.
  • Dynamic Classes
    Supported by audiovisual and interactive resources.
  • Salidas Educativas
    En idioma Inglés.
  • International Exams

Universities in Latin America and Spain accept Anglia certificates to standardize the English proficiency level of their students.

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