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Test Your English Level

  • Anglia English's free online level tests are designed to give you an approximate idea of your current English proficiency. These tests do not include writing or audio components.

  • The free level tests are designed so that if you get a series of incorrect answers, the test will stop and place you at the appropriate level. If you do well, you will continue with all the questions.

  • Start by choosing where you would like to begin. There are three starting points: beginners should start with First Step to Preliminary (A1), the second test covers levels Preliminary (A1) to Intermediate (B1), and the last test covers levels Intermediate (B1) to Mastery (C2). The test will take you through the levels, and at the end of each stage (15-35 questions depending on the level), the test will give you a score and a recommended next step. Depending on the score, you can either continue with the test or view the assigned level, but you may need to contact the institute to take a speaking test to confirm the level.

  • The tests are free, so no registration is required. They can only be taken once a day, and the result is only displayed on the screen; it is not sent by email!

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